Friday, August 31, 2007


Thanks for visiting our SPD Student Outreach blog!

So just what is this SPD anyway, you ask? We're the Society of Publication Designers, the professional organization for those who make the art/design/photo-related decisions for print and interactive media (magazines, newspapers, newsletters, websites, etc). You can read all our official mumbo jumbo here, but all you really need to know is that we hold speaker events, networking opportunities, and an annual competition showcasing the best of the best in publication design (resulting in a really awesome book filled with tons of inspiring work ... for copies of recent editions, click here).

As a student, you can join SPD for just $25 a year ... that'll get you a free copy of our next Annual (as described above), a subscription to our newsletter, discounted or free admission to our student and professional speaker/educational events, and 3 free entries in our Student Design Competition. Not to mention, it'll look really good on your resume. With all those benefits, how can you NOT join?

So, do we have you convinced yet? Then click here for the Student Membership Form. You do need to be a full-time student, and we'll need a copy of your current school ID card. Have questions? Call us at 212-223-3332 or email us at

Even if you don't join, you can still attend our events (and we hope you do!). You'll just have to shell out some extra bucks. But trust us, it's worth it.

So keep an eye on our little blog here for news and info on upcoming events. And we hope to see you at one soon!