Friday, February 29, 2008

HURRY: The Deadline is Monday!!

Need some last-minute inspiration? Check out the Design Archives at the AIGA's website: They've got a TON of incredible design from over the years, and there's even an Editorial Design category. Also check out some of the sites in our "Design Habits" list on the left sidebar about halfway down this webpage.

Have some last-minute questions? Check out the links to the left, especially the "FAQs and Answers" which is the post below this.

Remember, all entries have to be in our office by 5pm on Monday, March 3. No extensions like your nice professors give ... welcome to the real world! Good luck!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best of Luck! (& some answers to Frequently Asked Questions...)


Follow this link and it will download as a pdf for you. Entry forms, additional instructions, easy as a click.
Do it.
You know you want to.


Pretty much. Our goal is to make the playing field as level as we can here -- we want to be sure that the judges are distracted by your visual work, and not an arresting, attention-grabbing headline you might create.

Now, that being said: of course we get that, with the FILM or ENTERTAINMENT categories where you're dealing with some one, you might need to change it up a little bit, so here are some examples of what would be just fine:

» a FILM piece where you're working with, let's say, the Coen Brothers, might mean you need to change the subhed from ".... (insert last name) remains one of the..." to something like "... the Coen Brothers remain two of the..." -- changing the verb and the number to reflect two people. Not a problem.

» an ENTERTAINMENT piece where you've chosen, let's say, Taylor Swift -- not exactly a "sex, drugs and rock-n-roll" singer, no? But that should be easy enough to tweak so that you're working with most of the same copy, in something like, "Sex, drugs and rock & roll aren't what her lyrics preach, but to think that's what defines her would be... a sin!"

Again, we get that you might feel tied down by these restrictions. Believe us. But we want to see what you do with the DESIGN, not as an editor just yet. And we have to try to create an entry field that's as fair as we can make it, with entries coming from every different kind of school and student.


Ah... the glories of dummy text. Basically, you want to flow some text in here, so that the story is part of your piece, but obviously we don't, in this instance, care at all about what's actually written there. You just need SOME copy (text) to fill-in. We recommend using lorem ipsum ("greek") text, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of the brilliant site . You can generate anything you'd like there, in any length. It's a lifesaver.


Heck yes! We've had entries in previous years from as far-flung as Lebanon and Paris... if you can represent Canada, Japan or the UK, we say bring it on! Our requirement is just that you are an enrolled student at an accredited school.


Yep. Monday, March 3rd, by 5:00. FedEx it, mail it, bring it by our offices yourself... all of those are great ways to get your entries in on time!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln all say...

Make use of the holiday weekend and finish up (or finally start) those entries! Winners get cash, the Adobe Creative Suite software and the 1st place winner gets an internship (have we mentioned how important those internships are???). Plus your work gets printed in our Annual (a glossy hard-cover book featuring the best design of the year).

Each entry is only $10, but if you're a member, you get 3 entries for FREE.

Want more details? Download our entry form by clicking here, it'll tell you all you need to know. Or comment here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Long Story Short: Internships Work

Internships and networking. Those were the two main things our wonderful panelists kept recommending last night at our speaker event at SVA. That's how most of them got their jobs. That and being curious AND proactive. And oh yeah, sorry to say it, but if you want to be an illustrator for a magazine, you might want to start seeking out other means of income cause things aren't looking too good for you editorial illustrators.

Despite the winter wonderland outside, we had a huge turnout ... thanks to everyone who came! If you have any comments or suggestions about it, we'd love to hear it. (Use the comments option below.)

And if you didn't come, well, you missed some good stuff, but no worries, we have MUCH more to come. Check out our upcoming events in the list to the left and don't forget our competition!!! Winners get one of those oh-so-important internships, which, as we learned last night, means a job ... seems like a pretty good deal, does it not? So enter already!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hope to see you tonight!

Snow, schmo. It's not going to stop our BIG DOGS, LITTLE DOGS event tonight. More details below.

And don't worry if you haven't RSVP'd ... you can still show up and buy a ticket at the door.

We have a lot more happening this spring (keep looking here), and don't forget, the competition deadline is fast approaching (March 3) ... get your entries in now before spring fever takes hold!

March 14 Event: a day-long design workshop


Atten-TION! Want a crash-course in magazine design? Sir, yes sir!

Then you WILL join us on Friday, March 14 for a day filled with inspiration and advice. We'll go from 0900 - 1700 (that's 9am to 5pm for you civilians) covering everything from brainstorming to the job hunt. There will also be time for portfolio reviews, so be sure to bring your book. Be there, Private!

WHEN: Friday, March 14, 2008
9am - 5pm (but be there at 8:45 to sign in)

WHERE: The Roosevelt Hotel
45 E. 45th St (between Madison and Vanderbilt, near Grand Central Station)
Exact location will be emailed to all who register.

DETAILS: There will be a $30 fee for all student members and a $50 fee for non-members/professional members. Questions? Or want to sign up? Email us at:

Topics and Speakers will include: (subject to change)
Design Principles Linda Root (Studio Incubate, Sports Illustrated)
Identity/Theme John Walker (TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly)
Photos & Imagery Leslie dela Vega (Time, Vibe)
Inspiration/Problem-Solving Kate Elazegui (Radar, New York) and Robert Newman (Fortune, Real Simple, Vibe, Entertainment Weekly)
Career Advice Panel Evan Campisi (Entertainment Weekly, SpotCo); Shane Luitjens (Ink Publishing); Jenn McManus (More, Health); Nicholas Rezabek (Cosmopolitan, Wine Spectator); Nancy Stamatopoulos (Supermarket News, DNR)

This workshop is part of the Media Pro Workshops series sponsored by the College Media Advisers (

CLOSED March 28: Office Tours & Portfolio Reviews

This event is closed.

Go ahead, tour our offices, check out our stuff. And have your work reviewed by some of the best art directors around. We'll do our best to get you ready for the field of magazine design... although really we're just scouting out our future competition.

The Details:
Friday, March 28, 2008
9:30 am
SPD Offices
17 E. 47th St (between Madison and 5th Ave.), NYC
2nd floor

FREE for all student members! Professional members pay $10, all others pay $15.

Portfolio Reviewers will include:
Joe Caserto Freelance Designer
Adam Fulrath Creative Director//TimeOut NY
Viki Nestico Art Director//Men's Health
Gloria Pantell Design Director//TV Guide
Scott Wooledge Art Director//TimeOut Special Projects

Wanna come? Email us to confirm your spot at:

Be sure to bring a photo I.D. for access to office buildings. Also bring money for lunch and possible subway travel to office tours, an umbrella/raincoat since we'll be walking a lot on the tours ... and of course your portfolio! It doesn't have to be complete or in perfect form ... we'll give you feedback on whatever you've got. (You'll be able to leave your portfolio safe in our office while you're on the office tours.)